Ministerio de ciecnia, innovación y universidades

Principal Investigators: Dra. Mireia Civís & Dr. Jordi Díaz

The SchoolWeavers Tool supports school leaders to grow their school ecosystem by weaving meaningful relationships for collective learning and well-being. The online and free to use Tool facilitates a transformative process of the whole school ecosystem by interweaving the quantity and quality of human relationships within school actors and among the neighborhood and district.  The SchoolWeavers Tool change model of CULTIVATE – FACILITATE – THRIVE has been co-created by the NetEdu Global community of researchers, school leaders and educators from around the globe and captures emergent international perspectives on weaver practices and school-based learning ecosystems’ development and growth in a reliable and comprehensive manner.

The tool prvides an initial assessment framework supporting schools to strengthen their relational strategies around the 7 key ecosystemic domains of the model: EMPATHY, TRUST, PURPOSE, COLLABORATION, INNOVATION, PERSONALIZED LEARNING and EQUITY. The transformational process facilitated by the tool starts with gathering data around these domains and scales, providing 6 linked surveys for the 6 types of participants: TEACHERS, LEADERS, STUDENTS, STAFF, COMMUNITY COLLABORATORS and FAMILIES. All responses are recorded on a 6-point Likert scale that captures the level of agreement with the items.