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Homs, C., Berruezo, P., Según, G., Estrada, L., de Bont, J., Riera-Romaní, J., … & Gómez, S. F. (2021). Family-based intervention to prevent childhood obesity among school-age children of low socioeconomic status: study protocol of the FIVALIN project. BMC pediatrics21(1), 1-14.

Childhood obesity represents a global public health crisis: the number of obese children and adolescents (aged 5-19 years) worldwide has risen tenfold in the past four decades. The vast majority of overweight and obese children live in high-income countries, and low socio-economic status (SES) is a significant risk factor. Family Based Interventions (FBI) have demonstrated positive results in preventing obesity, although these results are strongly influenced by SES. Moreover, we still poorly understand how FBI can determine a positive trend in weight status in low-income communities. Therefore, there is an urgent need to define and evaluate innovative and multi-target projects to reduce obesity risk behaviors and health inequalities and the present study aims to present the study protocol of FIVALIN a FBI that pretends to achieve this goal.