Referència: Liou, Y. H., Daly, A. J., Downey, C., Bokhove, C., Civis, M., Diaz-Gibson, J., & Lopez, S. (2020). Efficacy, explore, and exchange: Studies on social side of teacher education from England, Spain, and US. International Journal of Educational Research99, 101518.


This study attempts to respond to a recent call for a more social and collaborative approach to teacher education and professional development by examining the social side of pre-service teachers during preparations from England, Spain and US. We explore core factors that are associated with dyads of pre-service teachers in exchanging instructional materials at the end of a teacher education program from each setting. Using social network selection models, this study investigates the extent to which pre-service teachers’ reported self-efficacy, peer trust, innovativeness, and demographic characteristics is associated with the sending, receiving, and reciprocating instructional materials. Findings suggest the important role of self-efficacy and innovativeness in explaining pre-service teachers’ seeking behaviors across the study contexts.