The research group in Pedagogy, Society and Innovation with the support of the Information and Communication Technologies – PSITIC, consolidated, recognized and funded (SGR) by the Generalitat of Catalonia; it is part of the Institute for Research in Educational Innovation and Leadership of the Faculty of Psychology, Sciences of Education and Sport Blanquerna of the Ramon Llull University (URL).
PSITIC develop their activity in the field of the new socio-educational community, inclusive and networked paradigms, and particularly in the area of quality and sustainability of educational transformation and innovation processes, with support of ICT. It does so through a perspective of cross-disciplinary analysis and to a narrative-socio-constructionist and systemic understanding of educational change.
The main focus of PSITIC has been the research, training and transfer activity concerning the new styles, models and strategies to lead the transforming educational action, based on the network of socio-educational co-responsibilities of the different social and educational agents, considering both contexts of vulnerability and contexts of success and inclusion.

Jordi Riera i Romaní
Main researcher

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Super-organizaciones educativas e igualdad de oportunidades

Super-organizaciones educativas e igualdad de oportunidades

La igualdad de oportunidades es un reto social complejo donde estamos implicados todo tipo de actores sociales, ya sean políticos, económicos, sociales, educativos, sanitarios o culturales. En este post quiero argumentar cómo las organizaciones educativas, a pesar de...

Al llindar de la porta

Al llindar de la porta

Els filòsofs Emmanuel Lévinas (1905-1995) i Jacques Derrida (1930-2004) ens van ajudar a pensar a fons la noció d’hospitalitat i ara poden il·luminar les lògiques i les pors que s’activen davant la possibilitat d’acollir un refugiat a casa, sobre la qual molts...


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