The University Master´s course in Leadership of Pedagogical Innovation and Management of Educational Centres has the main objective of preparing students, coming from different degree courses in the educational field (particularly those in Early Childhood and Primary Education and Secondary Education Teacher Training) as professionals for the development of innovations at school and more competent to lead and manage teams.

The aim is to train professionals that can bring state-of-the-art innovations to school, with a real and assessable transformational nature, both in the educational –in the classroom- and the organizational –school- fields, without disregarding the emergent forms of collaborative work in the community. The pupils’ effective and objective development of specific critical competences of transformational leadership and pedagogical innovation at school is prioritized. The development of these competences at different levels –classroom, educational organization or socio-educational system-network- has to point at promoting stimulating, inclusive and school success-driven learning environments.